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 About Markitude:

For want of a clever blog title, this was derived from my name and consideration of the blog as a reflection on my attitudes and musings over my life and the people, places, and things that define it – the trappings of my life.

My commitment to any audience is to be honest and to offer opinion and insight beyond simply creating opinion posts linking to the news of the day or snarky postings of others. 

I hope to provide insight into my character for those who may be getting to know me, whilst learning about the technology and psychology behind the bologsphere. 

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  1. January 11, 2011 11:59 pm

    I have an 86 vette that just spun a rod bearing. I also have a 69 vette 435 horse 427. Thanks for the info on your swap. Is there any way I could get some more, like what headers you used or any pics of the steering rack mods? Any more info would be great.

  2. Blufie permalink
    December 1, 2011 2:49 pm

    I haven’t “met” to many such kindred spirits! I have two self restored 60’s muscle cars, I’m remodeling (plumbing, electrical, etc…) a 70’s country “estate” – including building my own dry stack firepace surround, and I am an IT engineer for HP in my day job and have a passion for almost all thing technology based. I also fix and play with four wheelers/bikes for friends and family (and any other small engine for anyone else it seems).

    I don’t say all this to brag, but simply that others see all the diverse things I tackle and shake their head. Over time you begin to wonder why you don’t find many others who behave like you do and its nice to see someone who appears to.

    What learned most from perusing your blog is that I while I have never considered my opinions about things a valid blog topic, it can be useful to share what I learn about things so that other can benefit. It might in fact even be selfish of me not too ;-). Hope I find time to do so.


    • December 14, 2011 4:05 am


      Interesting that there seem to be certain personality / interest / career combinations that we might be able to group people into as much as we might based on body type, hair color, and facial features. A kind of DNA.

      Nice to meet you. Sounds like we have some similar interests and careers in that I work for another tech company that also happens to make PCs.

      Hope you will take up blogging – or other expression. I started in 2006 I think, and did so with the intent to learn as I’ve noted above. The world has grown up, filled in, and I feel the need to say less and try to do more, so I’ve been largely abscent from here for a while.

  3. Tessa permalink
    April 21, 2012 7:44 pm

    Hi Mark

    I am having endless problems with my new Lenovo Ideapad U300S ultrabook.
    I desperstely need your help.

    PLEASE can you send me your email address, so that I can contact you.

    Thank you.

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