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10 years into the future

December 16, 2016

I started blogging 10 years ago and while my activity has waned to almost non-existence, this endeavor still bears fruit.   If you are like me, you live in the present but are looking ahead.  Unfortunately, our attention and consideration of time is fairly short range – tomorrow, next week, next month, before the end of the year.   Keeping a blog, like a journal, allows us to look back and study the arc of our life experience and extrapolate our way forward – and for this, I think it is fairly valuable.

At the onset in 2006, I thought bloggers were narcissistic and wondered why the world would care about shares of their daily experiences and perspectives.  Reluctantly, I began the journey to experience it for myself and also to explore a new chapter in my career.  While blogging has waned, the need it filled is very real and now largely being met by facebook, twitter and instagram.  For example, I’ve almost stopped writing about my experiences – places I’ve gone, things I’ve done, as I share those almost in real time on Facebook.  Facebook, for it’s part, recognizes many of these use cases and now offers features to show posts you made on a given day from a year ago, and even compiles a yearly roundup of memorable moments  – another trip around the sun.

I look back on what I was thinking ten years ago and reflect…

I was imagining the start of a new chapter in my career, focusing on social media and later, community.  I struggled with being a generalist with no established job role that people would generally understand and this weighed on my self image.  Over the years, as our social media support and community programs grew, and my role as program manager became better defined in my mind and reflected by the growing organization, that problem worked itself out.

Another goal was to build my shop – a place to manifest many of my project ideas.   I achieved that a few years later.

I wanted to start a services business as another outlet for my creativity and personal interests, and as a hedge that could grow into a retirement income source, and provide an alternate workplace under my direction if need be.  This was initiated just over 2 years ago.  In all, within 10 years, I had accomplished the broad goals.

Perhaps it is time to reflect again and ensure I am clear on my next ambitions and making measured progress against them.



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  1. December 31, 2016 3:27 pm

    There was a time when I used to blog every month – when I had all the time in the world and my 3 day week off’s at Google were a perfect setting for writing. Things have changed a lot since then, and when Life becomes hectic and throws more challenges, the interest into which I put my soul into has also lost my priority. I blogged just 5 times since I came to the US. I am trying to change this trend in the next year through the MVP reconnect program – to write about it and bridge the present and former MVP’s into a single umbrella. In the long term to grow the community. Something which we did at Lenovo.

    Thank you for inspiring me to write, by sharing your own blog 8 years ago.

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