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Why have I written so little in the last two years?

December 15, 2013

I began this blog about six and a half years ago as a vehicle to build experience and a personal understanding in support of a new chapter in my career.   In my first post, I wondered aloud at what would motivate a person to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences with the world at large on a frequent basis.  My initial outlook was that it must be a very narcissistic activity.  Along the way, I found myself drawn in and motivated to write for a number of reasons.  Sometimes it was simply to practice writing or an exercise to test out techniques and tactics. Other times, I had experienced something I want to share either because I thought it had value for others, or simply because I thought it was interesting to me and I was projecting a bit about my view of what it is to be me.

The last two years have passed and I’ve managed a scant single post each year in January, my motivations for doing so derived either from the shame of wordpress’ annual report on your blog activity, or some addendum to my New Year’s list of resolutions.  So what happened?    I spend much of my workday interacting with people online or working on aspects of the technology and business reasons for doing so and at the end of the day or on weekends, I feel a sense to do something tangible.   At the same time, I’ve observed so many people becoming increasingly immersed in social networks, chronicling their lives nearly to the minute and this may be causing me to step back. Seemingly, every business, every media outlet advertises and implores the audience to “follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook”.  A colleague uploaded pictures of herself at a running event, and I was amused to see that her runner number also included her Twitter handle. “Social” is almost ubiquitous.


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  1. December 15, 2013 1:13 pm

    I was actually thinking to decrease the time I spend on Facebook in the next year. I thought it would be a great platform to keep in touch with my school friends and relatives,but my news feed is full “chek’ins” and status updates where people are venting out their issues online. So much for being social.

    Please keep sharing your experiences here when you can.

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