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First time golf spectator

June 25, 2011

I’m not a golfer and I absolutely can’t stand to watch golf on TV.   My dad golfs, my brother golfs,  my wife used to golf, and my best friend took up golf several years ago… and still golf eludes my interest.    I never expected to find myself spectating at an event, and yet a couple weeks back, my wife and I had an opportunity to attend the Rex Hospital open for a day.  

I started the day with nothing more than the expectation of a warm summer day out of the office and anything beyond that would be a plus.  Disembarking the shuttle bus, I was immediately impressed by the scale of the event- the branding, featured event partners, and co-ordination of an army of volunteers busy shuttling players and staff  about in extended golf carts.

The VIP Viewboxes provided excellent vantage points.  I’ll admit, I was quite impressed as the players dropped shots on the greens from hundreds of yards out.   Quickly, I could see how important the short game was.  Getting to the green – covering those vast distances without losing the ball into the woods, the rough, or any of the water hazards seemed like it should be the hard part, and yet the great seemed to separate themselves from the merely good once on the green.  

I reflected on this a bit as I watched and considered how the short game in life – all the details in how well we do the things that we do, make a difference in the outcome – where we find ourselves on the leaderboard of our own profession.  As the day wound down, I was surprised to find that I had really enjoyed my time and came away with a new appreciation for the game.

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