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Nothing too cerebral…

February 28, 2011

My wife and I spent Saturday helping her brother move into an apartment.    Carrying boxes of kitchen ware, books, mattresses and furniture up flights of stairs felt simultaneously familiar and exciting.   He’s starting a new chapter in his life, much as I did seven odd years ago.   Climbing up and down the stairs brought back a flood of memories – that odd mix of butterflies, excitement and hope during those first days on my own again, and how it was somehow bittersweet three years later when I closed  my apartment door for the final time and turned in the key.   It’s hard to believe that was four years ago.

Sunday, friend Jim came over to help with a project,  knowing I have quite the backlog and have felt a bit overwhelmed of late.   We decided to tackle replacing the power windows in my car.  I’ve had the parts in boxes now for several months, and the windows haven’t worked in at least two years.  Or has it been three?   Hard to say for sure, but definitely far too long.

It’s been so embarrassing not being able to roll down your window.   This little thing necessitates going inside for fast food, and to use the ATM bank machine.   People have thought me terribly rude when they rolled down their window to ask directions and I make some apologetic look at went on my way.    Why the procrastination?  The dealer wanted $800 per side to do the work, and I wasn’t ready to spend $1600 to roll down my windows – you can buy an entire used car for that much.   So,  if I had the parts, why hadn’t I done the work?

It is hard to say for sure – I seem to have a block about somethings.  I’ll tear into the engine or suspension with little provocation, but somehow taking apart the door panels or the dashboard gives me pause.   Luckily, Jim was there to give me a needed push.

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