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Edgy corporate blogging

November 17, 2010

Hats off to Nano and the Social Media Marketing crew over at Lenovo for their bold new blog, Chaotic Neutral.    The title and 20 sided dice graphic are a siren’s call to those of us who ever played Dungeons & Dragons and are completely unexpected in a corporate setting.   The first post from Nano is amazingly candid as she explains the blog’s title, and reveals a bit about how she happened into social media as a byproduct of corporate restructuring and shares her take on that roller coaster ride.

Corporate blogging can feel risky – there is a lot riding on it.  You are representing not only yourself professionally, but also reflecting upon the company that employs you.   The blog has to be engaging for the audience, and needs to move them to action, delivering something valuable, informative, or at least entertaining.   Corporate culture often produces content by committee – an end result that is processed cheese – and seen as such by most readers.   It takes a lot of courage to find a voice, to craft a persona that is real and embraced by the audience, and from that trusted platform, to speak transparently about things that matter.    I’m still working on mine – it has a soul, but lacks definitive character.

So, I’m really interested in where these guys are going and will be cheering them on and taking notes.

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  1. nanombroyles permalink
    November 17, 2010 2:58 pm

    Thanks Mark! Wait until you read Gavin’s and Erik’s, we are really excited about it.

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