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September 18, 2010

One of the great things about WordPress is the variety of styles and themes that are available thanks to the talented community of wordpress users.   I’d been using “Saphire” for several years now because I had graduated to a two column look having been drawn in by the notion of sidebar widgets which seemed in vogue by more seasoned bloggers, and because the theme allowed me to continue using a custom header image which so many did not.

Somewhere along the way, I began to feel the theme was constraining and too narrow – it wasn’t expansive in it’s use of the screen area – much left to background waste.   So, I thumbed through about 100 different themes and tried several of them on to see how they fit.  It was a odd sensation as if I were trying on clothes and checking them out in a mirror.  Does this look like me?  Blogging is about the content, yet the presentation of that seems to reflect on the character as well.

Of the available themes, I rather liked “Greyzed” which has the rough and tumbled look of black spray painted graffiti on concrete.  Perhaps it might be the blog equivalent of a black leather biker jacket.  Yeah,  it gives you some instant attitude and a distinctive memorable look, but can you wear it to the office?  No, probably not.  In the end, I went with “Vigilance” because I liked the full width which gave me a bit more room in my posts for bigger pics and text that doesn’t wrap to the next line after ever 5th word because the column was so tight.

Vigilance also got the nod, because it allowed me to keep my header graphic which then wound up being truncated and in need of resizing, and so I was on the verge of bagging the thing and returning to Saphire only to find it was no longer available on WordPress.  No way back.

In the end, sometimes we need that – we need the door we walked through to be closed as it allows us to move forward without second guessing ourselves.  So, I crafted a new header image.  My prior one was from Mexico in 2004.  My present one, was a sunset off the coast of Cozumel in October 2009.   It was one of the few times in life that I can remember ever taking the time to actually watch the sun set and to marvel in the color and the speed at which it departs from view once it finally reaches the horizon after seeming to hang suspended above us throughout the meat of the day.  Perhaps the arc the sun travels during the day is a metaphor for our lives?  The beginning  and ending are compelling and poignant, while so much flows by in between without our affording it much thought.

Well, enough philosophical navel gazing.   Changing themes seems akin to changing clothes for me, and I hope this new look will inspire me to get writing again.   Still, as versatile as this theme is, part of me is still intrigued by the black leather jacket….

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  1. September 20, 2010 3:45 am

    the new theme is much improved with more breathing room and a clean layout.

    your photo reminds us that one can find a good end to the day despite a bit of rain.   great choice.

  2. September 22, 2010 6:52 am


    The new theme looks nice with more space as Erik mentioned,overall this one is highlighting the text in the pages

    I tried the greyzed theme as well may change mine very soon 🙂

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