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How much Klout do you have on twitter?

August 18, 2010
Interesting new analytics endeavor in and of course, naturally, klout labs.   Hey – it made sense for Google.
Klout seems to be a pretty cool take on some meaningful measurements of a twitter user’s influence or clout if you will.
Pop in your twitter ID and you are pegged as most fitting a particular archetype based on a number of factors, and these are plotted on a pretty complex 4 quadrant chart.   I entertained myself for a few mins plugging in various IDs I knew to see how they plotted out.  There are milestones if you are active enough – badges of sorts – for number of times you have been retweeted, or included in lists, or identified in a tweet by your @twittername.  There’s much more to this, and even more still if you bother to register.  Here are my über humble starting stats.
I don’t tweet much, and so this might be an interesting experiment to see how different behaviors could affect the nature of my characteristic plot overtime, and it might also be a good checkup for how you are using twitter – a gauge of what kind of effect you might really have on your audience.   The influence model seems to take into account how those react who are following you, and how those in your circle tend to influence you.    I really like this in that it’s more than just sheer volume of tweets or followers.
Kudos to Klout!
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