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Social Media – the growing public expectation of timely response

August 11, 2010

Interesting article over on Read Write Web that indicates some 74% of people surveyed expect their tweets or posts in case of emergency, would be found and responded to within an hour.  Wow.

“Many Web users said they would use social media to seek help for themselves or others during emergencies, the report said, and those users expect first responders to be listening. Almost three out of every four responders said they would expect help to come less than an hour after their first tweet or Facebook post.”

I suppose this is a sign of the overall adoption curve of social media as an increasingly mainstream communication channel, but I can remember just 5 years ago when bloggers were pleasantly surprised when you responded to them, even within a few days.  Now, as more and more of the population moves onto twitter and facebook, there seems to be an expectation that it should be almost as good as picking up the phone and directly dialing someone?

Maybe so.   Certainly social networks can be alternate  communication channels, but would we need to see the implementation of some rules – specific sites to post to, or hashtags to use to ensure a timely and appropriate response?   Will this draw in the need for additional legislation to govern what kind of posts should be made to these sites, and the appropriateness of them in much the same way that there are rules for dialing 911?

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  1. September 1, 2010 11:15 pm

    seeking help via social media assumes two things:
    1) someone is popular enough for others to notice
    2) the message is interpreted correctly

    i could see someone tweeting that they’re dying of boredom, only to find the local ambulatory service and fire department kicking down their door with stretcher and oxygen in-tow.

    if three out of four polled think first responders are listening to a world of blogs and tweets then either expectations online have been heightened to unrealistic levels or only 25% of users online have any semblance of intelligence left.

    too many heads in the cloud, i’d say.

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