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Unexpected hiatus

June 14, 2010

My blog has fallen to an unexpected hiatus recently.   Probably the last blogworthy thing I’ve done was attend Ltihium’s third annual customer conference LiNC 2010 May 12-14th.    The sessions were great and I even got to spend a few minutes sharing my thoughts on super-user / influencer development.  Sean O’Driscoll from Ants Eye View led the panel  and waxed eloquently in his own unique casually confident style.

While I intended to blog freely while there, the conference was overwhelming in a good way and the event slipped by.  Many tweeted their thoughts during the sessions, but that’s not my style.   I’m glad to see that  though – perhaps a sign of acceptance and participation by the industry practitioners in attendance.  The conferences have doubled each year, and along with volume, it certainly seems to me that Lithium’s Social CRM strategy and vision resonates and is becoming an emerging center of gravity.  Jeremiah Owyang moderated a panel of industry luminaries and Paul Greenberg delivered a didactic keynote.

Just prior to the conference, we launched a new community knowledge base, and I’ll share my evolving thoughts on this in an upcoming post as it is something I really am excited about and believe in.  I’m finding that communicating something that may be slightly complex is a bit of a challenge – there is perhaps an art or science around trying to get large groups of people to behave as one would like.  Time is probably the most significant factor – in time, leaders will emerge as early adopters and will accelerate the mainstream acceptance and usage.   I’ve been dedicating a lot of time and thought to this project over the intervening weeks, and this is probably another reason for the lack of personal blogging.

There have been plenty of mundane things running in the background for me as well – planting trees and working in a somewhat haphazard fashion to develop a landscape around our home, and slowly moving equipment into my shop and continuing to add to the wiring plan as I do.  These days, my life isn’t running so much a clearly devised “tops down” plan and program as a generalized compass heading of “that way”.  Things are emerging slowly, being revealed to me like a carving emerging from a plain block of wood.  Each activity is a stroke of the blade that reveals something further about what the final design maybe.

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  1. June 14, 2010 10:16 pm

    I know how it’s like to run into something great that you want to blog about and then have it slipped away. I am struggling with that. I guess that I should work towards improving it more but I have other things that running in my background, like my music and designs.

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