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Twitter Capitulation

May 18, 2010

 Almost a year ago,I blogged my reluctance to tweet, but as I’m now using it professionally through an integration with the company’s community platform, I thought I might as well sign up a personal account too.   Wouldn’t you know – it’s full.  Yup, one tweet over the line…  

If anyone is looking for me, it’s @4markitude

Humor aside, why is it that I’m such a late adopter?   What changed since June of last year?   I saw twitter handles being exchanged professionally like some form of business card.  I saw Twitter being used as a linking aid, a tool to build traffic, pointing people to other content in much the same way that things are “shared” on Facebook, but with better SEO through the use of hashtags.  

I’ve also seen Twitter used as a way of  counting coup in that people tweeting comments from a first hand event experience seem to be accumulating some value from bearing witness – I was there – I saw – I interacted – I accumulated  merit and social standing within my virtual tribe, those that follow me, based upon these acts.  

In the past, I’ve cast a critical eye and derided these things as openly self serving.  Perhaps they are, but yet a purpose is still served as this is becoming part of the dance and the language – the way people are interacting.   In the end, isn’t that what society has always been about? 

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