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Setting up shop

April 16, 2010

I suppose this could be my version of  building a ship in a bottle – in this case, using a crane indoors to set up the first of several garage lifts.   The crane came in handy to round up the pieces of the lifts which have been stacked outside on pallets for the last six or seven years.  Hoisting them onto the bed wasn’t much of a challenge because outside there is unlimited headroom to incline the boom.  Working indoors required more care in rigging the lift columns so they remained balanced and didn’t swing wildly when pulled from the truck bed at an angle – the limited height prevented a vertical cable drop to the bed.

Once I confirm the placement of the columns, I’ll set them plumb with steel shims and anchor them to the concrete.  Next, set up of the equalization cables, a couple of hoses, the lift arms, and a wiring drop in conduit to the pump motor.    Plenty of projects waiting to get in here.  But, time has been scarce – this update reflects a Saturday afternoon two weeks ago.  Last weekend found us at the beach, and this weekend, my folks are down for a visit.

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