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Why I’ve grown to like Survivor

April 2, 2010

In general I dislike the reality TV genre, but as the wife is a big fan, I have been drawn into “Survivor”.   Last season, I started out despising Russel’s character as he emptied canteens and burned the socks of fellow competitors as they slept to physically and mentally debilitate them.  But, after a few episodes, I began to admire his  command of human psychology, and in a twisted way I  have grown to revere his antics.   Perhaps I admire his unrepentant arrogance and the odd mix of talent, luck, and sheer chutzpah which allow him to back up that arrogance when the deck seems so stacked against him. 

This season in heroes vs villains, I’m rooting for Russel as the villain.  I feel some inexplicable identification and admiration for his character.  Perhaps it’s that though I plot and scheme, I don’t always come up with the winning hand, and the fact that he so often does makes his character vicariously appealing.

For the past several months, and probably the foreseeable future, I feel as though I’m playing out a similar real life game.    Success comes from alliances that we form through strong and weak organizational ties.   Career parallels seem to reflect whether or not one is chosen for the rewards, and whether or not your alliances prevail during contests of agenda, resources, and funding.   Who is  really in control of the game?  My skill and gameplay are improving, but so is the difficulty level and scale moving from one challenge to the next.  The remaining competitors are experienced, wiley, and ever stronger as the weak are marginalized or simply voted out.

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  1. Tim permalink
    April 2, 2010 2:41 pm

    I’m not a fan of either reality TV shows or corporate politics. Life is too short for both.

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