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Valentines day 2010

February 15, 2010

A  great day to reconnect with my wife.    So many things demand attention in my life – customers with grievances to be put right, reports and presentations about how things are and how they should be, projects to complete, things to fix, and an often uncertain future to hedge against.  Hopes, dreams, and anxiety fill my days.

Life’s treadmill siphons away the color of life  so that the hours, days and weeks pass by in a blur – seemingly important in the moment, but soon abandoned as colorless, shapeless vagaries occupying volumes of blank space in my memory.   Valentines day and other special occasions create welcome pauses, forcing me to breathe in and sample the rich texture of life too often overlooked as I rush about needlessly preoccupied. 

Dressed up, and dinner out at Bistro 64, a fine eatery we had previously discovered.   Seated beneath art in a gilded frame,  tables spaced to create intimacy, the menu staged in courses, the offerings described in phrases requiring considerable contemplation, our senses and  minds fully engaged.  Our conversation held no agenda and flowed renewed.

Carpe diem indeed.

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