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Facebook capitulation

September 30, 2009

To this point, I shunned Facebook, Twitter and many of the more prominent social networks because I didn’t see them as being particularly valuable to me.   I’ve chaffed against what I perceive as the “willy nilly” social campaigns that seek to build followers, friends, etc, and have focused my time on what I thought was a higher return on investment working through blogging and forums, and analytical monitoring.

For me, blogs and forums have more applied substance – more topical content, a defined framework, and a reputation management system that shapes and influences human behavior within the network.   Forums are especially appealing to me because of the value momentum that gets built over time – the critical self sustaining mass of contextual interactions.

Today I capitulated and joined Facebook for a variety of reasons.   Perhaps ironic that I join this now after having been involved in social media for several years.   After just a few minutes sorting through a number of friend requests, and seeing the subsequent list of recommended mutual friends, and exploring a few of their social circles, I quickly grasped just how evident the six degrees of separation concept seems to be.  Where Facebook might lack some depth, focus, and complexity, it shines in breadth, flexibility and the power of discovery. 

I think this will be good for me – what blogs, forums, and analytics have done to help me understand application of content, search optimization, and creation of business value, Facebook is going to help me develop more understanding of discovery and  networking.

Who knows, I might even give in to twitter…

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  1. September 30, 2009 12:05 pm

    Glad to see you on Facebook! Like you, I had never been interested in it until last January when a friend of mine moved to Charleston and invited his friends to follow him and his wife along virtually. To my surprise, I liked FB! I found a few old friends there and also a few family members who I only see at funerals and reconnected with them. We used to have a private Yahoo! family group where we shared news and pictures, but that had fallen out of use. Once I was on FB, I dragged in my sister, a couple more cousins and a few more friends, and we’re having a great time! I didn’t set out to look up everyone I ever knew in high school, so I have a relatively small list of friends that grows slowly.

    And, yes, I finally did succumb to Twitter – easing my way into that as well…

  2. September 30, 2009 5:16 pm

    See you soon in twitter ya! 🙂

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