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Part of the groundswell

September 2, 2009

Yesterday, I pushed the submit button for our entry in the support category of Forrester’s Groundswell award site.   I see that we are in excellent company, and reading through some of the  submissions of others I can see that it will be challenging to choose a winner.  With six different categories represented, it is clear to me that the groundswell is growing and many top companies are taking it seriously and have invested wisely to involve their customers constructively in social networks. 

The great folks at Lithium have been extremely supportive, and ScottD was gracious enough to cover our entry in his blog.  I’m glad for the interview format, and wish we had an opportunity to get more of our customers,  our collaborator’s stories out there, because the community is successful because of them, not because of me.   Toward the end of the post, Jane references my comment about throwing the customers the keys.   I wrote that post a couple of weeks before we launched the community, and now almost two years later, I see that it is turning out better than I expected.  

 Still, I know that there is more gold in the hills –  there is untold talent out there in the customer base, and I’ve only gotten to know a small portion of it so far.  There are jet pilots,  graphic designers, engineers, students,  and all manner of experts, many of whom have advanced degrees and years of experience.  The community is an opportunity to bring all that capability together and to harness it in as many ways that create value for others as possible.  

I’m looking forward to the miles ahead –  I think we are just getting warmed up!

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  1. September 3, 2009 5:32 am


    I See that lenovo India has already spread the word on twitter!sounds pretty cool…I am doing the same on facebook and orkut

    The ideapad microsite is getting good reviews too….

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