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August was a blur

August 28, 2009

August is fast drawing to a close and I’ve not kept up my blogging here, though I’ve had good intent.

Three weeks ago, I attended a nephew’s third birthday at “Pump it Up” an indoor funhouse made out of inflated slides,obstacle courses and bouncing trampoline kind of stuff.  I tried to take some decent pictures, but imagine 15-20 three year olds zooming around, and you get a sense of why almost all of the pictures came out as focused backgrounds with blurred blobs of color in the foreground. 


 The pictures featuring multiple kids at play reminded me of those traffic studies of car lights at night taken as time exposure shots.   Except this was occurring in real time.     I did get some quieter still shots when it was time for cake and ice cream.   Following the big party, we had another one at home with family and more presents.   I think his first bike, given by his grandparents, was a big hit.


About two weeks ago, my cat of of 16 years turned ill, and had to spend the night in the kitty hospital.  I thought pet insurance was a joke, but after you pay out for a night or two of these kinds of emergency services,  it starts to make sense.   It’s been a tough couple of weeks getting meds into her via syringe (mixed with baby food – chicken & rice), and administering sub-cutaneous fluids via our pot rack turned IV bag holder.  


She seems to be on the mend now and has her strength has returned these treatments are proving neigh impossible.   Imagine trying to stick a needle in a running Cuisenart.   Hopefully another week and things will be back to normal. 

I’ve been fencing.  No foils, mesh face-masks or white suits.   Touche’. 


No, I’m trying to finish a fence around the entire property that I started in 2001 before I divided it up and sold half to my neighbor and good friend.   Wouldn’t you know, we started on his side first and so it’s done.   I put the rest on hold when I started the house planning back in 2003.   It is roughly 2/3 of a mile around the perimeter – and that’s a lot of  T-posts to pound, post holes to dig, timbers to plant, cement to mix, and wire to stretch, staple and tie in my “spare” time.  It didn’t seem this hard 8 years ago…  Truth told, I’m really not complaining.  I’ll get some neighborly help to stretch and tie the 12 guage wire fabric, and in the mean time, I’ve enjoyed the physical labor.  Too much PC time has left me out of shape.  

At work, I’ve been dividing time amongst the routine fire-fighting,  updates to our community, including a very cool addition that’s still very much in Alpha test, and pursuing my own experiments with long tail marketing to build support  for the initiatives I’m involved in.  This last piece has been a bit outside my comfort zone – there are elements of risk, but almost nothing except added pounds are gained by staying on the couch.

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  1. August 28, 2009 12:36 pm


    When you see kids playing around in fun places,ever wondered joining them? :)…..just kidding!

    Howz ur cat doing by the way?hope it gets well very soon


  2. Tim permalink
    August 28, 2009 2:35 pm

    I’ve done the sub-cu fluids before, not a fun prospect. Sounds like you guys are handling things well, glad she is perking up.

    I hear ya on the physical activity – working 8-6 and then most of the rest of the evening on my “other” endeavors leaves little time for physical activity. I figured I’d start using this pool we have ten steps outside our apartment and did some swimming last night. Once I get some stamina back, I’ll take on the punching bag in the garage to try and reclaim some of my Krav training.

    Fun times!!


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