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Arrival, cocktails, dinner, social networking and brand monitoring

May 14, 2009


From my room on the 17th floor, I’m able to peek between skyscrapers and catch a glipse of the bay bridge.   The trip here went smoothly, and the shuttle ride from the airport provided new thrills, proving to be a worthy sequel to last years’ journey.    Wending our way through the city, we passed the Mark Hopkins hotel – a landmark I always wanted to see in person. Alas no pics as the camera was in my luggage.   The roller coaster streets  more closely resemble  paved cliffs when viewed in person – impressive to behold.  I half expected to see Steve McQueen’s green Mustang roaring by in a lost scene from “Bullet”.   

The LeMeridien Hotel is a fantastic venue – very posh – premium appointments throughout.  Social networking over cocktails with fellow customers, and Lithium staff.    I was astounded, when Sanjay,  Lithium’s CMO greeted me and remarked that he’d read my last blog post.  Obviously, they monitor online activity around their brand.  Kudos! 

We divided up into groups and ajourned to dinner.   Great food, and spirited conversation with members from Symantec, Sage, Intel, Lithium and one of tomorrow’s keynote speakers, Sean O’Driscoll.   It was nice to talk shop in detail – no conversational games of patty-cake using terms like transparency and engagement.   Without exception, everyone at the table was remarkable in their own personally unique way – there was no vanilla.  Excellent warm up – I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions.

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  1. May 16, 2009 1:09 am

    Sounds like an exciting trip. Jealous.

    Just tried to send you an e-mail and got a bounce back. Zap me an address when you get a chance?

  2. May 16, 2009 2:40 am

    Mark – your photo is a bit crooked… Too much time in the hotel bar, perhaps?   lol 😛   (I’m totally joking, of course :D)

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