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Vegas gettaway

April 9, 2009

vegas Leslie and I leave for Vegas tomorrow to celebrate her birthday this Sunday.   It’s a milestone, so we should do something memorable – no dinner out or long weekend at the beach would be fitting.   Mine will be next year in January and I need to think about somewhere else we should go at least once.

It seems an odd time to be doing something  that seems even slightly extravagant when the economy has so many of us in bunker mode, or resorting to tactics during a ‘dour’ time as a notable colleague would put it.  But,  going on with life is a key to getting the economy rolling again and ensuring a more promising future for everyone.  The money has to go ’round, and tucking it under a rock doesn’t help although it certainly feels an increasingly prudent measure.   I’ll limit my gambling – although Roulette seems almost a safer bet than the stock market these days.

The change of scenery will help us both – we’ve been in a decided rut of late, and work has been a virtual treadmill of worrisome mitigation efforts that sap emotional energy and creativity.   Jet travel is therapeutic for me – the miraculous physics of differential pressure and lift that allow us to take flight, climb miles into the sky and  gaze seemingly across entire states.   My problems and cares are put into proper perspective – it’s hard to take yourself and what you do so seriously when you look out the window at 30,000 feet  and comprehend the magnitude of the earth and our individual insignificance upon it.

Until I return…

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  1. Jane Loyless permalink
    April 9, 2009 4:04 pm

    Have a great trip, and Happy Birthday to Leslie!

  2. April 11, 2009 9:24 pm

    in vegas you can eat breakfast every meal of every day.   where else can you do that?

    flight makes one feel both empowered and insignificant at the same time.   you get to play ‘king of the world’ all while realizing your small stature compared to the immense sphere floating underneath you.   the goal is to make an impact while you can — but not with the plane… that would be horrible. 😛

    happy birthday to leslie and i hope you both enjoy your time away.

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