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On to the next stage

April 6, 2009

This weekend’s projects seemed a time of transition.   Tim stopped by to lend a hand during the afternoons and were able to finish the last of the wall siding on the shop, allowing me to move on to the next stages in construction, the doors and roof.


This weekend also seemed a time of transition from one stage to the next in another regard.  With mixed feelings, I helped Tim turn over a project to a couple of fellows who drove down from Virginia to pick it up.  Things in life can change quickly in the span of about 18 months, and as circumstances change, so do our directions and ambitions.    Tim’s starting another interesting chapter in his life and will be moving on.  While I was looking forward to working on that particular project with him in the shop,  I’m glad he was able to unload it as part of his transition move on to the next stage in his life.    Tim has been a fantastic co-worked in and out of the office – whether successfully launching an online community, or hoisting fifteen foot long sheets of steel.   I look forward to his return to blogging and the opportunity to read about his new adventures and endeavors.

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  1. April 11, 2009 9:14 pm

    i haven’t talked to tim in a while.   glad to hear he’s making progress and found a new career.   i will miss working with him even though our project was brief.   all the best, tim! 😀

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