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That entrepreneurial itch

March 30, 2009

Saturday, good friend Jim  gave me a hand installing new front outer tie rod ends on my ZO6 Corvette and setting the alignment over at performance chassis.   As I waited to get my car on the lift, I hung out in the shop and talked with Jim and several of the regular customers who were getting their track inspections and a few minor odds and ends under the car sorted out.

As the work cleared out I talked more with Jim, and then Mark Cooper, the shop’s owner about the changes they are making to the business – remodeling and expansion plans, as well as their thoughts on how these changes will allow them to grow the business in areas where it is most successful.   The excitement and enthusiasm were palpable as they talked about the specifics and the possibilities – knock out this wall, move the counter back here,  add some lifts over there.  

I’ll admit to feeling more than a twinge of jealousy over both the possibility and the sense of control that comes from running your own business.   I’ve experienced many of those same emotions  during my small business foray  in the early 90’s, and while I miss the freedom of independent decision making, the weight of responsible leadership – knowing that your employees depended upon you, felt heavy at times.   

One day I hope to be back in that drivers seat, but for now I’ll just enjoy vicariously.

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  1. March 31, 2009 9:58 pm

    mark, when you get back in the proverbial driver’s seat, let me know where to send a resume. 😛

    it seems like we have one of two options in a career:
    1. entrepreneurship = uncertain pay + open schedule
    2. employee = salary pay + dictated schedule

    there’s a trade off no matter which path we choose.   given these uncertain times, either one can take us down an uncertain path.   sometimes that’s half the fun though. 😉

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