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Christmas eve day

December 24, 2008

I’m still not ready for Christmas – many miles to go yet today – both literally and figuratively.

I need to spend a few hours at work – most people have left for the holidays which means that staffing is light, and the people with the right answers aren’t always readily at hand.  Still, I hope to wrap up a few loose ends and hope that people will take a break from their concerns and enjoy the holidays, regaining some perspective that if their widget didn’t arrive yet, or doesn’t shine quite as bright as they might desire, that all can be made well in time.

I made my last mad dash to the mall yesterday evening after procrastinating on some of my shopping.  There were many others like me, hustling and bustling about, and I was encouraged to find most in good cheer.  Those who said “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, or even “excuse me” when they stepped in your path as they threaded their way through the masses.

It was easy to spot the commissioned sales staff – the ones with warm smiles and glad hands who made you feel wise in your purchase selection whether it was large or small.  Perhaps a true art in making the customer feel individually special and successful.  Perhaps that is one ingredient missing from the online experience, and one of the elements that keeps some retail alive even in troubled times.  Walmart and big box stores don’t count.   Nobody there asks my name, or addresses me as “Mr. Mark” as they box up my purchase.

Leslie and I will travel tonight to have Christmas with her family.   In their home, with warmth and fellowship, Christmas will arrive.    My family will be traveling to stay here in our home for several days next week and we will celebrate again with them.

Whatever your plans this year,  I wish you safe travels and joyous holiday with family and friends…

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