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Thoughts on a December Tuesday

December 9, 2008

My brain needs a vacation – I feel dislocated and adrift.   The last six weeks of the year entail holiday travel to be with family, lots of “getting ready” activities including shopping, and the end of year peak in activity for those of us in customer relationship jobs of one form or another.

This past weekend was our 3rd annual cookie baking festivity, where my wife’s family gathers here at our house for a Saturday of mass baking – 9 different cookie recipes this year.   Last year, this event fell on Dec 1, and I spent most of the day as a self absorbed recluse, logged into the community I had just launched, nervously awaiting the arrival of each new member, fretting and walking in circles.  Fast forward a year and the community is coming up on it’s 25 thousandth member, and I have reached the place where I could stay away from the computer and watch after my 2 year old nephew, or socialize a bit with people who were physically here, not virtually connected from a distant land.

Sunday,  we managed to tack on a few more wall panels on my shop, turning another corner and starting the long march down another 60′ wall.  My neighbor and good friend Rick had stopped over to lend a hand, and later we wandered over to help him debug the tensioning cables on the garage lift he had assembled.  I’ll admit to a twinge of envy, in that he has completed his shop project – ours having started at the same time.

I tagged along on a several hour shopping excursion and spent a bit of time in one of those massive book stores with the co-located coffee bar.  The sheer volume of displays, titles, and colorful cover artwork was overwhelming and I found myself feeling small and lost in the world – so many things that have happened, that are happening – how does one keep up?

Sometimes I feel my life is a lot like the housing marketing / industry – based on perpetual growth.  Gotta keep moving, building, growing.  There are no plateaus or stable value which may be comfortably sought and maintained.  

Here’s hoping  Santa will fill my stocking with some perspective and Zen…

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  1. December 11, 2008 4:25 pm


    zen and perspective would be a great stocking stuffer.   material goods are nice but i could definitely use focus, mental clarity, and wisdom instead.

    who knows… maybe if you ask santa nicely he’ll deliver some zen in a can. 😉

  2. sweetlybroken permalink
    December 14, 2008 9:35 am

    Great post! It’s both funny and sad that we constantly make time in our already full day to “do stuff” but seldom do we take the time to reflect on our own ripple effect. Perspective comes when you take the time to watch the ripple. Here’s hoping Santa gives you tons of Zen moments for 2009.

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