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I’m back…

September 18, 2008

I’ve returned from my trip, camera packed but no pictures taken.   As evidenced by my last post, my patience and perspective were worn down to a nub and I really needed a break.

Indeed there were no real shortages of gas, and as we traveled, we found it available for some 20 cents per gallon less than we paid locally.  Irony, that clever kick in the rear end.  

Overnight stay in Wilmington, and then on to Myrtle Beach, SC.   We ventured out for a 90 minute “Ghost walk” tour of Wilmington.  The guide was a real ham and quite a character – certainly entertaining, but I felt he overplayed the campy theatrics.   On counterpoint, I would still recommend the tour as it was thought provoking, and looking upon the old churches, storefronts, cemeteries, and 300 year old houses, one could visualize the history that had played out.  

The Atlantic Ocean was much as I last saw it some 3 years ago.  Bobbing around in it for several hours at a time was therapuedic.  The vastness of the ocean, like the view from 30,000 feet in a plane is one of those experiences I seek now and again to reset my perspective of life.   It never fails to do so.

It took a day and a half for me to leave work behind and truly be present in the moment – whether it was spent in the ocean, the pool, reading, or playing miniature golf with family.   As I return to work today, I’m going to try harder to remember my larger purpose, and retain my perspective and not to allow the events of the day to define my experience.  I’m going to try to take things less personally.

As a Jamaican man once said to me, “there are no problems, only situations.”

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  1. September 19, 2008 2:29 am

    My zen lasted until lunch when I launched on a new tirade.

    Tomorrow is another day.

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