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Enough with the steel blogging already…

September 8, 2008

Last week, with Hanna on the way,  I felt I needed to press ahead, so I assembled the last end wall, and managed to get 3 of the 10 overhead pieces in place.  It seemed reasonably stiff – probably would hold together well enough if the winds weren’t too strong.  

Early Saturday morning between one and two am the storm arrived with buckets of water, but no serious wind.  I awoke in 30 min intervals and peered outside as if my anxiety and focused attention would affect the outcome in some manner.  Humans are strange creatures.

Saturday, we had a rare lazy day as if the passage of the storm had sapped our motivation.

Ashamed of Saturday’s slothfest, we decided to finish up the last of the steel framework.

So, this is the view from the other end – the end opposite the one in the prior sets of photos.  We have traversed the full 60′ span, hoisting Purlins, Girts, and erecting columns as we went.   It doesn’t feel all that large inside now. 

Next we have a piece of angle flange materal to install around the base, and some more to affix to the end gables to anchor the roofline, a few more braces, and some adjusting of the cables to square and plumb the frame before we tighten down all the bolts at every joint.   Then we will be ready for insulation, and to skin the walls, and then the roof.   Lots of tedious box and trim will then follow.

I think the dramatic parts are past, and now will enter a slow phase where the work efforts are diffused and almost invisible. 

Next weekend will start a short vacation for us – a trip to the beach – better late in the season than never.

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