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Labor day weekend workfest day 1

August 31, 2008

A few shots from Saturday’s progress and Leslie as I hung up some more steel…

On the other two buildings I’ve helped on, we could reach over from outside, but since only 2 ends of my building are accessible, I decided to work from one end to the other as the pieces are erected.

Here I’m using a “spud wrench” to align the bolt holes as we crane the end rafters in from above. 

Here we are raising one of two main rafters, these are fabricated I-beam weldments and are significantly heavier than the end wall rafters.  I’m using the spreader beam we built to distribute and balance the load.

I have to add that the humidity was exceptionally high today and the observant who find me in each of the three pics will note I’m wearing different clothes.   When you measure your day by the number of T shirts and pairs of jeans you’ve had to change because they get too heavy to continue to wear, you know it’s hot and humid.   Hopefully I’ve guzzled enough water to ward off those late night muscle cramps.

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  1. August 31, 2008 9:52 am

    Mark this is fantastic! If I wasn’t having so much fun where I am you know I would be pitching in. I’m sure there will be some left for me to help with when I return to NC.


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