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People are looking for me … is that a good thing?

August 2, 2008

In reviewing the dashboard metrics on this blog, it is always interesting to see how people wound up here.   I blog about my life, and my thoughts, so my posts understandably hold little interest for most.    As a result, traffic comes principly from search – those who are looking for information on topics that I just happen to have written about.

Interestingly enough, my posts on stone and slate tile work continue to draw the most views, day after day.  Today I noted that several people found this blog by searching for my name and ” blog. ”  They were looking for a blog I had written, or at least one written by someone else with my name.

Assuming they were looking for me, is this a good thing?  Depends who they are right?

A year ago, I couldn’t find myself in google.  Today, I’m on page 2, both for this work, and more notably my contributions to one of my employer’s corporate blogs.  In fact if you add my employer’s name along with mine in the search terms,  I’m above the fold on page one.

Do I want to actively increase my visibility in public ?

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