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Workshop arrival T-minus one week

July 28, 2008

Last year about this time, I dug footings for my new workshop, and optimistically thought I’d knock it out by fall.  The months rolled by and other projects like the chimney kept taking precedence.  Finally in May of this year, I got the concrete slab poured and the steel building into production at the manufacturer. 

A week from today, the building, along with one for my neighbor will arrive on a tractor trailer,  the girders, purlins, and stacks of sheet metal all neatly strapped and banded, ours to unload.  

In preparation, I’ve been working on my crane truck for the last several weeks, endeavoring to reverse the entropic effects of some 28 years of age coupled with many months of idleness since I finished the house.  I started with the carburetor, and things unraveled from there.  Soon, I had the distributor out, then the intake manifold, valve covers and into the valve train as I found a series of things in need of repair.   After disassembling and thoroughly cleaning, I brought the carburetor into the house for re-assembly in the relative comfort of AC.

The cat took immediate interest, and I happily delegated the job…

But after several days of just nosing around the pieces, I could see I was going to have to do the job myself.  Perhaps it was her lack of opposable thumbs?

I whiled away the hours of the weekend reassembling the engine, and then set to work fabricating a structural beam to spread and balance the loads while hoisting with the crane.   My forearms show the arc burns from 3 hours of plasma cutting and mig welding.  ( It’s too hot in July to wear the heavy leather welding jacket).   

I’m really pleased with how that turned out, and think I’m ready for the arrival of the building…

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