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Online community – it’s like the ocean…

June 24, 2008

Never turn your back on the ocean – you never know what big wave might be sneaking up on you.

Somethings work out like we imagine, but the truth for me is that no matter how much I imagine, envision, and plan, I only seem to consider some part of the whole.  One side of the coin. 

Two years ago, I thought working with customers online was such a brilliant thing to get into.  Instant access to an unlimited pool of information, all available in real time.   I could interact – touch them, and solve issues.  

Why did I imagine that the public would regulate themselves to a manageable flow?   Why did I think they would only come in the doors and windows I opened for them, rather than creating more than a few themselves?

It’s not the work, it’s the anxiety of what’s waiting for me in my various inboxes – what’s been posted hither and yon that the world is now reading.  Perhaps it has to do with my delusion of having some form of control.   Falling into the trap of expecting / desiring things to work a certain way, it’s easy to get wrapped up in worry and micro-mangement.   I haven’t learned to turn that off at the end of the work day, and it’s something I need to learn to do in order to live in the moment outside of work.


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