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Do our blogs reflect our personality?

June 6, 2008

I think so – they are a reflection of our ego in so many ways.  Not ego, as in inflated sense of self worth, although that may be true in many cases.   No, I’m thinking ego, id, the basics of our physche.

I contemplated a blog I followed regularly and noted that it reflects it’s author – it sounds smart because it is,- it reflects big thinking and from one post to the next, one never knows what might appear.   I reflected at length upon my conversations with this person – intelligent, unconventional, and likely to pop out a non-sequitor as might  Christopher Walken. 

I considered my own blog – several recurring themes present, all fairly narcissistic.  Behind it all there may be a faint hint of linearity in the chronicling of change.  Perhaps my personality seems to value that – reveling in seeing things being built, moving against entropy.  My last post recaps 17 months of intermittent work toward an end goal.  It’s kinda neat to see that all come together, to click through the various still frames in the journey along the way.  I can see the change in the project, but also in my thinking.

Perhaps my blog will help me with a look at how I’m presenting myself, what I appear to be about.  Is this what I’m about?  Perhaps the real value would come from being able to look back and see how my thinking changed, evolved….

Yes, I think the blog reflects the individual, and uniquely so.  Perhaps that may become a defining qualitative characteristic – the fidelity with which the blog reflects the blogger.

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  1. June 6, 2008 1:11 pm

    I agree. Almost.

    This blog is anything BUT narcissistic. You should read more blogs from the so-called SMM and web-two-oh to see what real narcissism is.

    There is one thing that might be hard to learn from most blogs (although not all of them) which is: writing usually gives us a chance to re-read and self-moderate. So maybe most blogs present a less radical side of people.

  2. sweetlybroken permalink
    June 9, 2008 9:58 am

    Blogs, for me anyway, are an extension of who I am without the many masks I may wear when I’m face to face with someone. A friend told me once that they’re really glad I blog ’cause they get a chance to know me better.
    From this side of the screen I AM unfiltered, uncaring whether anyone likes what they’re reading or not but in person I must watch my Ps and Qs lest I offend.
    If you’re a narcissist than I’m in deep, deep trouble and some couch time with a counsillor might not be a bad idea 😀

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