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Conference day one

May 22, 2008

A number of interesting discussion sessions.  My eyes seem to know it’s 3 hours later than the clock says, but frequent trips to the coffee urn have staved off travel weariness otherwise.

Lot of technology discussions, and out of it I can see that for all the cool widgets, technology hasn’t yet bridged from reporting to intelligence.  Humans are still required to turn data into information.  The opportunity is still wide open to the company(s) who can cross that chasm. 

Interesting to see the wide diversity of the client set – communities are useful in many ways, and everyone has a strategy and set of needs / tasks.   It’s amazing to learn that much of this came out of the gaming industry.

Inspiration on new organizational model to align with three critical legs of an overall social media deployment / transformation strategy struck me during the middle of one of the sessions.  

  1. Business Lead – define business objectives / requirements – responsible to transform and engage executives, management, and employees accross business units.  Drive process / policy changes to connect the technology, and enable the content.
  2. Content & Community manager –  Responsible for the overall strategy & tactics of operation upon the technology platforms to accomplish the business objectives.  Develops policy, rules, operations, metrics, and oversees editorial moderation, and serves as a producer / director of syndicated channels that could be blogs, forums, tweets, wikis, or any other social media pipe.
  3. Technology lead – Develops right mix of technology platforms, pipes, and features to enable the content, collect the measures & metrics required to accomplish the business objectives.

 Off to the waterbar for dinner – had a crab meat salad, the lamb, and a delictable coffe/chocolate brownie of sorts, with a moist center which seemed to reflect it having been soaked in coffee and topped with coffee ice cream.   Perhaps this and the follow on cup of coffee allowed me to stay up to 4:36 am, my time talking shop with some new colleagues in the lobby.   Lot of opportunity to collaborate in this space, with our vendor and amongst ourselves.  


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