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blogging from Emeryville, California

May 21, 2008

Disclaimer:  I’m having a great time – the snarkiness that follows is the result of 8 hours in my seat on a plane, a memorable shuttle van ride, 2 drinks, no food, and it’s 3 a.m.

Flight from RDU through Philly to SFO.   The control tower at the Philly airport resembles a KFC bucket of chicken perched on a stick and painted blue.   It’s hard to sit still for 6 hours at a time.  On the plus side, I finally had time to read a lot of case studies, product manuals and white papers that various vendors have sent me in pdf format. 

I put my laptop in tablet mode, set power management to maximum and used the stylus – I felt very high-tech.  Even the Macbook pro user in the seat next to me took notice. 

Landed in San Fran and the plane immediately swerved wildly – serious cross wind.  Thought for a moment that a dog or rabbit had run out in the runway and the pilot had swerved.   The shuttle van driver had 3 cell phones, a GPS and a crackberry.  He had six phone conversations in some loud asian dialect while texting and driving mostly in our lane.  

I took notice of Alcatraz island out the window as we meandered through traffic on the bay bridge.  It’s kinda surrealistic to see in real life at a distance.  You know what it is, and that it’s larger than life in the movies.  Lot of shipyards and container ships out here too.

Arrived at the hotel – suite room.  Very nice.   Free internet which I’m using in the room – claims 100mbs, but feels like several rooms are sharing a 56k dial up rig in a closet.  Serious hang time.

Reception was great – met a few of my peers from other companies and had about a 2 hour sit down chat with one of them.  Think we are going to be pen pals from now on.  I’ll be joining him on a panel discussion on Thurs.  

More tomorrow…


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  1. May 21, 2008 11:36 am

    Great update!! Enjoy San Fran, it is one nice city. And keep us posted!

  2. May 21, 2008 1:51 pm

    Will do. It’s 6:47 – 9:47 to me, I feel like I stayed up late and got to sleep in late, and I still have over an hour before we get started. My eyes hurt, but I’m good – will forget about them shortly, I’m sure.

    The Bay area is quite impressive. Looking down from the plane on the way in, there were some really interesting, large geometric shapes of land / water that were very different in color, and separated by a line of a road or something. Very unexpected colors like bright pink (very intense) next to several shades of tan. Someone on the plane told me it was algae, and some of the others were caused by various salts. I do recall seeing some big salt flats 15 mins before arriving.

    Having a GPS enabled laptop with a map while flying would have been cool. I’ll have to ensure I get one on my next product migration. Off to breakfast.

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