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Free for the weekend

May 4, 2008

Leslie and her mom planned a little beach getaway for them to spend some quality time together, so I’ve been free as a bird since Thursday.  So, what to do?

That’s a good question.  I’ve been married about a year and a half, and the partnership creates a comforting sense of normalcy like breathing the air.  Try holding your breath for a bit, and you quickly realize you’ve developed a bit of a dependency you hadn’t realized.

Friday night, I grabbed some Chinese food at our favorite restaurant – the food was good but”party of one” isn’t conducive to scintilating conversation.  The irony here is that in the prescence of others, I’m prone to lengthy conversations in my head. 

What else to do?  See a movie that you might enjoy, but your spouse might find lacking.  I tried “Iron Man” and wasn’t disappointed.  The special effects were great, it delivered a lot of action and eye candy, and threw in enough humor to avoid taking itself too seriously.   As expected the plot was paper thin and contrived, but it is based on a comic book and is supposed to be fantastic, after all.   

I think we all want to be “super” in some regard, to distinguish ourselves from the rest of humanity, to do great things, and to satisfy that part of our ego that tells us we matter, even when we are reminded daily that we may not matter as much to the world as we like to believe.    Iron man was appealing to me, as I could most identify with the way the character became super – through application of technology and the intellect to conceive it.  His “superness”, didn’t rely on exposure to cosmic particles, a bite from a mutated spider, or the virtue of traveling from a different planet. 

Saturday I hung out with a friend, discovered the new mass air flow sensor I ordered for one of the cars has the wrong pin out (I hate mid-model year changes) and spent the evening working on the stone for the fireplace, finally reaching the ceiling along the front.  The sides have a bit more fill in required, and I’m going to need some help when Leslie gets back.

Today, I’ll do some yard work and then try to get a jump on the work week.   We are Kicking off a new project  and I must remember to take my smart pills along with my daily multivitamins.

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