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Drystack ledgestone fireplace update

February 21, 2008

The stonework I once thought could be done in 30 days  is now at something like day 415 largely as a result of demands on my time from my day job, other obligations, and a healthy dose of procrastination.  

The fireplace and chimney has slowly gathered aesthetic appeal and visual mass as the work progresses, and now passing the 80% milestone the scale becomes more apparent.  Note the comparative size of the doorways in the lower left corner of the picture.


I find it interesting that the 8″-12″ of material added during each working session really changes the character and feel  as your eye travels and comes to rest on the last course completed.  

Since my last update, I’ve added several sections of scaffolding, and this adds a bit more to the set up efforts, transporting all the stone and mortar up to the working area, staging it, and then being able to work without having to climb down. 

The first ten minutes or so of each work session are uncomfortable until I get past the flexing of the walk boards and the slight sway of the scaffolding itself. 

While I was building the house, I was so driven by the schedule that I didn’t have the luxury of being afraid to do dangerous things.   Absent that larger fear of failure, “down” seems longer way to fall, and it’s going to get a bit trickier as I approach the ceiling.

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  1. May 14, 2011 9:45 am

    I can’t seem to fully load this page from my droid!!

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