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What’s in a screen name?

February 1, 2008

Not a Hollywood screen name, but those ubiquitous noms de plume we see everyday on blogs, forums, and in comments left on virtually every website that allows feedback.

What does the one you choose say about your intent?   

Adaption of name:  DavJns, Fgullespie, Skippy123 –  These seem to demonstrate some neutrality and a level of authenticity, if not personal creativity.  Adopters of this approach tend to join and participate more broadly in the conversation.

Hobby or occupation related theme names:   NetJunkie, Dozerboy, MaskedAngler – These seem to imply a bit more depth and purpose – sense of identity around a particular topic.  Personality.  Adopters of this approach often carry strong opinions and are prone to wade into the discussion with often extreme opinions expressed in absolute terms.  

Disposables– Disillusioned, Frustrated789, YourCompanySucksRocks – Emotionally evocative names that seem to announce the member as a troll accompanied by trumpeted fanfare.   While the topic or issues these individual tend to bring forward may be valid, they seem more interested in letting the community, or the target of their disenfranchisement know about their sordid story than sticking around after the matter is closed.  From a community standpoint, what’s the long term value of these?   These IDs are disposable – like cheap clothes and a stolen get away car used for a drive by egging.

What other genre’s have you seen?   What do you read into them?

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