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Netting a Christmas tree

December 21, 2007

Christmas tree season is in, and due to my procrastination,  we may have missed the opportunity to bag the perfect trophy.   When the season first opens, herds of trees have migrated into the area silently, and seemingly overnight.   They are often found gathered quietly under tents on corner and church lots,  huddled in small groups in front of grocery stores, and in larger herds in the garden section of home improvement stores.   

Last night, we climbed in the truck and embarked on our tree hunting outing.  It soon became clear, that late in the season it is far harder to find a good specimen, or even to find any evidence of the once abundant herds, that have dwindled to extinction over the days and weeks.  Gone they are from the corner lots, and the fronts of stores, leaving only some dropped needles and a few sawdust trails as evidence of their passing.

At last we came upon a small herd of trees, spread out at regular intervals and frozen under the bright lights strung up presumably by other hunters.  Is spotlighting trees a legal tactic?  We exited the truck quietly and fanned out to examine the herd, taking care not to make any sudden movement that could spook them, and cause them to bolt.  Soon our guide appeared, with a cup of hot chocolate for each of us.   Were these trees as full as last year?  Had it been a harsh summer?  We circled the trees, comparing symetry, shape, and height as we sipped our cocoa.    At last, we selected our trophy, and the guide quickly tagged and netted it for a secure journey home.


Before we left, the guide cautioned us that it was safest to leave the tree netted while bringing it into the house, as that releasing it from the net outside would make it more difficult to wrestle through the door and down the hall.  It’s branches could knock pictures off the wall if it became spooked.  I followed the guide’s advice and soon had our tree securely in stand, watered, un-netted and ready for  seasonal adornment.

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  1. sweetlybroken permalink
    December 24, 2007 7:40 pm

    you crack me up 😀
    We used to sneak up on the trees on our property but alas a move to the burbs forced us into buying a pre-formed taxidermy version of your culled herd member. Thanks for the great laugh.

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