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Moving offices again

November 15, 2007

moving-pic.gif About 10 months ago, I blogged about the last move we were making at work.   At the time we had employees in many leased buildings, and the first two buildings of our new campus were just completed.   Employees were being shuffled around like numbered pieces in one of those little square sliding puzzles that has 16 spaces and 15 numbered slides that you probably played with as a child.    I noted that some employees were going to the new buildings, while others were going to other leased spaces  that had been used before.   Frankly, the moves seemed to reflect the uneven change in culture.  I felt trapped in an old world while a brave new one was born, and began to sail onward without me.

Fast forward ten months, and I’m moving to the new buildings.   The physical move for myself and others follows on the heels of greater changes permeating the business.   The influx of new executives and new thinking is now being reflected in the business results.   Ahead of this physical move,  have come a tremendous acceleration in projects I am closely involved with, and the teams that are growing up around them.  

As I packed my office, I began to repack my hoard of stuff that I have moved with over the past decade or more, from office to office.   I’m now down to just one big moving box, have slowly discarded things along the way.   This time, I discarded a whole file cabinet drawer worth of 3.5″ diskettes.   Ten years ago, I couldn’t imagine a system without a diskette, and now I can’t recall the last time I ever used them.  I found disks in my stash that supported the first Pentium systems.   I also found memory, and special server cables that supported Fast / Wide SCSI drives.   I even had a box of assorted 486 and Pentium CPUs.  Why I’m saving them, I really can’t say, but as they were once worth hundreds of dollars each, I just can’t seem to part with them.

And so, I set out my single moving box, filled with my memories of old machines, and past jobs.  My career treasure trove.  This I take with me into the future, for my first work day tomorrow in the new building, the new culture.   Maybe in this way, I bridge what was with what will be.

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  1. November 15, 2007 10:40 pm

    Congrats!! What building are you on? 1 or 2?

    It is quite impressive to see how things change; many times we’re so submerged on our ThinkPad screens we can’t quite recognize it.

    Nice to identify a garbage carrier as myself in you!! 🙂

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