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Serving others

November 8, 2007

Things not going your way in life?   Are you serving others or yourself?

Quite recently, I received a karmic reminder of where my focus should be.  I’m working on some projects that afford me a growing realm of creative freedoms, and along with those come a hefty measure of responsibility to my stakeholders in how I comport myself and the environments that I create.   Luckily, I have some wise colleagues who will keep me tethered to reality.

The web is a very powerful connector of people and ideas, but ultimately, it is the people and ideas that create the reality – not the technology itself.  Much of the focus and discussion is on the technology, because that is what we see.   But behind it are the people, and their ideas.  Through this medium one can create a possible future that becomes reality because other people show up and act out the vision.   If you have envisioned it, then it is already a possible future.

Social media is the closest thing I’ve found yet to a technology that says, “If you can dream it, you can make it real”.

Somewhere along the way, as a person learns how to be a rainmaker of sorts in this world, the pragmatic realities of self service set in.   If too much of what we do is for our own benefit, there is little value left for others and we lose them.

So, serving the needs of others is probably an excellent guiding principle to carry with us as we take the journey.

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