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Time out and away…

October 12, 2007

Tommorow at O’dark thirty Leslie and I depart for Cancun, Mexico to celebrate our first year together.    We’ve been slogging along on a virtual treadmill of career and projects around the house, and this will be our first trip away since the wedding.   

I’ve become a bit dull, blunt, obtuse even.   I hope the rest and change of perspective will allow me to return sharp, to drive to the finish line on a work project, and to get motivated here to pass the first major milestone on my shop that has been dragging along. 

My weight has slowly crept back, and I’ve added some twenty pounds this year, some of that weight being my pre-house building poundage, and some has accrued from extra hours spent with my laptop instead of the weight bench.   I’m going to not worry about that for the several days, and intend to take full advantage of the “all inclusive” features of the resort.

Upon return, a used commercial grade stair climber will be on it’s way to me via truck freight.  It’s 200+ pound weight will be a workout in itself to drag upstairs to our home gym.  (Why did I think upstairs was a good place to work out? Why not somewhere closer to the couch, the fridge and the TV ?  Oh, yeah…)

Maybe I can fabricate a custom laptop holder for it so I can multi-task.

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  1. October 15, 2007 12:25 am

    You’ll read this when you return, but have an excellent time and good rest!

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