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Corporate blogs – the new trim tab example

September 10, 2007

Reading today from Stephen Covey’s “The 8th habit” as he explains the trim tab analogy for leadership.   The trim tab is a small rudder that helps move the main rudder on large ships, and ultimately serves to change their course.   The analogy shows how the influences of an individual, can in turn affect others, including executives and policy makers, and ultimately effect far greater change than they would be able to achieve directly on their own.  I note Covey delved into this concept in his earlier work, and a quick Google search today shows that the trim tab has been a popular example to illustrate the amplification of individual influences for over 40 years.  (note the original publish dates of 1963, and 1972 for works contained in this link)

So while obviously not a new concept, perhaps I only slightly further the model for my readership by noting the trim tab effect that a corporate blog, or blogger could have, in changing the course of the company.  These minor trim tab influences are amplified by the external participation and patronage of customers, and by the resulting reactions of observant decision makers from within.

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