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Blogging interrupted by life

June 20, 2007

calendar.gif  It’s really hard to believe I’ve been blogging for 11 months.    I say that, realizing that I’m relatively late to the party, and there are those with five years, perhaps even a decade under their belts.   I reflect back on my first post, and consider the changes and discoveries I’ve made over this past year.

I still haven’t completely relaxed, and aspire to say something of some merit with each post.  At first, I “white knuckled” each entry, trying to turn a clever phrase, as I thought that perhaps writing style and the appearance of cleverness were keys to success.  After perhaps a month, I found that my life was full of things that provoked my thoughts, and that perhaps were worth sharing.  Maybe content and point of view were more meaningful to mean that journalistic skills.   Were I in posession of strong journalism skills, I’d probably have a different opinion on the matter.   

Last year, I finished up building a house, got married, and have conceptually chartered a new career direction that is just starting to gather a bit of shape.   The addage about 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration seems to hold true.    That was a lot of material to draw from.   What next?

I’m still building, and the next project, a 2400 square foot work shop is about to launch.  This facility will be foundational for many more projects that have been in the pipeline, and hopefully many more for years to come.  I just received the engineered plans for the steel work last night, and tonight I plan to drop them off with my local engineer so that he can provide the concrete foundation drawings.  With these two items, I can go forward to the county for that all important building permit.  

More on this project to follow in the coming weeks….  

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  1. June 20, 2007 11:16 pm

    Coincidentally I started my blog around the same time you did:; coincidentally as well I got married last year as well. Un-coincidentally I have not built a house!

    Same as you I lack any good journalistic skills, and struggle quite a lot with my posts. I usually have this “bursts” of inspiration that only yield half a paragraph worth of writting; then I need to order my thoughts and put things together in a way that could make sense to the “perfectly unknown”. See, I tend to think people are at my head; a vice I have come to (somewhat) correct with time and also thanks to the blog.

    I’ll eagerly await on your next posts and projects. Always interesting readings and anecdotes!

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