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Playing your position

June 8, 2007

  As a kid, I used to love volley ball.   Like basketball, volley ball was appealing because it was a team sport, and you could draw on the support of the team, yet the team was small so every player really counts.  I was tall, and I was Ok at play, but mostly I struggled to stay in my position.   I’d get all excited when the ball would get lobbed over the net and I’d want to run after it with best intention.    I might knock it back over the net, but often as not, I’d step on a team mates foot, bump into them, or otherwise disrupt their efforts.

As we go further in life, we find ourselves on all kinds of teams, and we can draw upon the strength of that team, marveling at the dedication of team mates as they contort themselves and dive face first into the sand to make a save.  In those times, your glad you don’t have to go it alone.  

At times,  it may be difficult to watch as the ball lands elsewhere on your side of the net and bounces out of bounds, a point lost.  You shout out encouragement, and mumble to yourself in frustration.  You have to resist the urge to try to dive into another players space – you might save it, or crash into them just as they begin to react, and land in a tangled heap while the ball rolls away.

Teamwork requires learning to understand and play your position well.  Support the team, move the ball in and out of your space.   Call a time out if you recommend a change of tactics to the team.  

Upon reflection, I might need to work on my sportsmanship a bit.

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  1. June 10, 2007 9:35 am

    Nice spike.

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