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Inside the C6 Z06

May 25, 2007

My friend Jim is at Indy this week – think Indy 500.   Equipped with a bronze medalion, he’s touring the pits and blogging his impressions on Indy.    Aparantly, automakers are capitalizing on the venue  and race excitement and have rolled in some inspiring exhibits.  Chevrolet, has the new C6 ZO6 on display, minus it’s skin.  Fittingly, I believe a Corvette is this year’s pace car.


The extensive use of aluminum in this generation of the ZO6 is one key to it’s amazing performance. In the C5 versions of the ZO6, the frame was steel, and was accordingly heavier.  Also visible here is it’s all aluminum 427 cubic inch (7L) V8 engine, up from 347 (5.7L) in the C5.   The last time a Vett rolled off the line with an all aluminum 427 was in 1969, and the power, weight, and efficiency have come a long way since then.   Combining the weight reducing effects of aluminum and carbon fiber, and the fantastic 505 hp, the new ZO6 wields an amazing 6:1 lbs/hp that easily bests many of the exotics.

Watch a Z06 take on Laborghini Gallardo…

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