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ER – for cats

March 26, 2007

first-aid.gif  My inside cat of 13 years developed a growth between the toes of her left hind foot.  In just several months time, it grew to the size of a grape and began to splay out out the toes.  I took her in to have it removed and get her checked out by the Vet last Wednesday.  Of course, being inside I hadn’t kept her up to date on shots, so there was all that, including the state mandated rabbies vacine.   All appeared to go well until Saturday I noted some red leisons and thining hair above her eyes.   We were away from the house Sunday afternoon, and upon our return we found that the leisons had grown alarmingly over both eyes and around the ears, and the loss of fur along with it.    I called the emergency vet number, and prepared to crate up the cat for the trip.  To complicate things, we noticed one of our outside cats had incurred a serious looking eye injury – there was protruding white and pink tissue and I was afraid her eye right was blown.   She’s recently come home with signs of a tussle, but never before anything more serious than a scratch or two.   So, I figured as long as we are going…. why not take along a second patient?

The pet hospital experience was much like taking a person to an ER.  You filled out forms, they keyed them in, printed them out, and gave your more forms to fill out.   You waited your turn and eventually the patients were taken back to exam rooms.  You waited some more, paced the floor, talked with others who were waiting.  Made some coffee – really neat single use gourmet coffee machine.   Then the doctor comes out to give the initial prognosis, and get permission to run more tests.   The doctor spoke english, and I could comprehend all the words but I was at a loss to understand what my choices were.  She looked at me expectantly.   Then my job training kicked in.  “Can you dollarize that for me?”.  We love to “verbify” words here where I work.   And the assignment of financial costs to a project or proceedure, the act of “dollarizing” is one of my favorites. 

The doctor provided me some figures.  Definitely more than a good meal out.  Somewhere short of my monthly mortgage payment.   How can you say no?    Almost before I knew it three hours had passed, and the earlier question of “what do you want to do tonight?” had become moot.   We collected our cats and headed home.    

I wonder if I can list them as dependents on my health plan?

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  1. March 26, 2007 4:10 pm

    Actuall you can get pet health insurance. We’ll be looking into it – as our boxer gets older (~8 years old now) she will have more & more health problems. Should be a worthwhile investment by then

  2. March 26, 2007 5:31 pm

    Nothing like pet health insurance over here I’m afraid. Now, I’m curious, what did the cats have? (and sure hope they are better).

    As for the “dollarize” part, when the economy went Berserk in Argentina back in 2001 the term “Pesify” (named after the Argentine Peso) was coined, which actually meant your savings dropped two thirds of their value over a couple of months… not the greatest of memories.

  3. March 27, 2007 12:36 pm

    Here is an update for those who have been asking. It was determined that the cat with the lesions on her head was having an allergic reaction to the rabies vaccination and is on a mild steroid now. The lesions have not gotten any worse but have not gotten much better, either. They are still itchy and look painful. The cat with the eye injury had her third eyelid punctured and scratched. She is having twice daily antibiotic eyedrops and is resting comfortably indoors for a few days. Her eye looks better but certainly not 100% yet.

  4. sweetlybroken permalink
    April 12, 2007 12:59 am

    thanks for the update about the cats. loving your perspective on life. hope your furry friends keep getting better

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