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What will they think up next?

March 6, 2007

So, I’m surfing the Internet, checking out the blogs, and visit the DilbertBlog, where thanks to a quick pointer from my wife, I note that Scott Adams has his own vision for monitoring social media for any mention of Dilbert or himself.   Perhaps mostly in jest, but I like his vision for how this should work. 

His challenge to his readers was to reply with their own vision of what is just “too cool”.   Scrolling through the comments, one blogger noted THIS SITE that automatically polls your IP address and identifies where you are in the world.  Wow.   If this is in the public domain, it almost validates half the unrealistic capabilities they show on crime show TVs when they track someone’s cell phone or computer use and zero in on a picture of their building and call out the apartment number and street address.

In the context of the commenter, he suggests logging the IP address of visitors or posters to your blog and plugging them into this site.  That could certainly be handy.  

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