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Creativity in the work place

March 2, 2007

Great post here on board game inspired furniture in the workplace.  There are many schools of thought on how to unlock creativity, and certainly this is indicative of one way.  Often these sorts of things are reserved for a particular area, say a design lab, and therefore only influence a small group of people.   I think it would be a great opportunity for large companies to introduce a bit of whimsy to lobbies, break areas, and courtyards so that more would benefit. 

There are a lot of treatments to this basic idea.  Perhaps one of the those giant chess sets installed in  a courtyard between buildings could serve as a place for some employees to gather and create new friendships.  

Or, it might be thematic furniture based upon company product lines.   Once in the lobby of a performance auto shop, I noted that instead of the usual generic chrome and vinyl, square office chairs,  they had created themed seating.  Brightly colored, Recaro race car seats had been bolted in gangs of two and four to black painted, mandrel bent tubing that conveyed the impression of part of a roll cage.  An energy and expectation was instantly created for the customers as they waited to be helped, or for their vehicle to be made ready.

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  1. March 2, 2007 2:31 pm

    I was thinking something similar the other day when we pulled the old ratty seats out of the Camaro. We installed the new leather seats in the back, and took a moment to admire our work and the now half-gutted interior (missing both front seats).

    I had the thought that we could take a bunch of old(er) cars like this, remove the front seats to make more room, add some comfy seats to the rear, and put in an LCD screen at the front of the car playing some media of choice. Set it up like an old drive-in movie lot, with a bunch of cars in rows & columns. One could even tint all the windows for privacy and offer larger vehicles like vans for those couples that get a thrill from public exhibitionism 😉

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