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Stone by Stone

February 26, 2007


Saturday was sunny and mild, and offered a reprieve from the winter doldrums.  As such, I found outside projects to work on, replacing a leaking valve cover gasket on Leslie’s Audi A4, visiting with co-worker Tim, who dropped by for a visit, along with his girlfriend, Katharyn.   After a tour of our house, still in progress, Tim and I rooted through some of my projects from yesteryear, scrounging for some bits that might be of use to him.

Sunday was rainy as forecasted, and provided a great opportunity to get back to the chimney project.  I must admit, some of my initial enthusiasm for this stonework has waned, and the call of a comfortable couch and some new movies to watch was difficult to hold at bay.  Leslie and I managed to work through 60lbs of mortar before the gravitational field of the couch,  drinks and a warm quilt proved too strong to resist any longer.    At just over six feet of stone complete, we are about 1/3 of the way – time to set up the first stage of scaffolding.  

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