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Out on a Limb

February 13, 2007

Today may be a pivotal day for me at work.  I’ve been out on a bit of a limb for sometime now, lending hours of my day to support some new and exciting ideas around here.   The good news is that for the last twelve months, I’ve been learning about something new, something which spans such a vast area and successful navigation requires a grasp of technology, human psychology, and solid business acumen.   I say, “on a limb” because I believe I see an evolution for old ways to new possibilities, but not everyone moves at the same speed or with the same understanding.  The challenge is to create and hit a window of opportunity before what you have been doing lapses into obsolescence and irrelevance.   Timing is the difference between a solid hit, and a swing and miss.    A move too soon meets skepticism and resistance; a move too late, and someone else has beaten you to it.

I had a breakfast meeting some weeks ago, and found myself wanting to have a conversation about getting onto a particular career path.  During the course of the meeting, the conversation instead, stayed focused on the more technical and pragmatic aspects of the topic and initially I left with a feeling of mild disappointment.  I had not directly achieved my personal agenda for the session.   As I drove on to the office, I came to realize that the conversation I wanted to have was irrelevant, that merely having that meeting meant I was already on the path that I wanted to be on.   The words I thought I needed to hear would have been redundant.

How many of us don’t see the forest for the trees?   We concentrate so much on what we think we need to see and hear to get where we want to go that we miss out on what’s actually happening all around us.  As a result, we may fail to capitalize on the opportunity at hand.


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