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Average thoughts about the big game

February 5, 2007

I’m not what you would call a big sports guy.   People who even casually know me have given up asking whether or not I had caught such and such game . Pick your sport, I’ve missed it.    But, yesterday I decided to be different and watched the Superbowl.

Is it just me, or did the ads seem a little less over the top than in years past?  None of them made me rub my eyes in utter disbelief, or had me ask “Can you do/say that on TV?”   A few, like the Coke tribute to “Grand Theft Auto” made me consider how mainstream some generational / cultural references have become.   The Snickers ad, with the two auto mechanics giving it the “Lady and the Tramp” pasta eating treatment certainly evoked an audience response.  Many were, I guess technically good, outrageous product demonstrations, but just didn’t seem to measure up to previous installments.   Maybe it’s just me.  Here’s a link to all of them in case you missed some or want a second look.

After the game, I was reminded again of probably why I choose not to watch sports.   Spectator sports work because the audience can choose sides and become emotionally vested in “their” team’s results.   Given the connection that forms, the audience shares the elation of victory or the agony of da feet.   Leslie likes to root for the underdogs, and wisely backed the Colts.  My irrational coin flip allegiance was with the Bears, likely owing to those Saturday Night Live skits where “da Bears” were always favored to come out on top no matter how the cards were stacked, or perhaps it was the ’84(?) season with William Perry.  Where is he now? 

For whatever reason, I aligned with the ill fated Bears, and realized the other problem with spectator sports.  You can’t affect the outcome.  No amount of sighing, eye rolling, or throwing up your hands and clapping them on top of your head in disbelief will change the outcome.   For personalities that are wired around having control, it is sheer torture to watch as “your” team goes down.

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