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First Snow of the Season

January 18, 2007

sandford-son.jpg Well there it is in all its splendor – about 1″ of accumulated snow, the first of the season.    There really isn’t much to say about it as we have had a generally mild winter so far with temperatures in the high 60’s if not low 70’s earlier in the week. 

As one can see, the yard is still mud, testament to the fact that I haven’t done anything outside the house since October of last year.  I was derailed by a blown hydraulic hose on my skid loader that I replaced just this week and need to complete the re-assembly and get it back to operational status this weekend.  The closing months of last year ticked by with many projects sidelined due to focus on the holidays, trying to finish up many of the inside the house projects, all complete save for some caulk, some trim and touch up painting, and of course the chimney project.   While there is truth to that, I admit that is a bit of a dodge, as frankly there are days when I just want to sit down, watch a movie and escape.

More on motivation in an upcoming post….


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